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. tax hikes and steep spending cuts are just weeks away from keeping america from going off that fiscal cliff. find out when it is expected to hit, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area coverage starts right now this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, we are ready, it is tuesday december the 11th, i am dave clark. >> let's start with the weather, maybe some rain coming? >> more cold. it is even colder out there
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for some but it will be colder for all. upper 70s, that will be a distance memory here soon. the system does not have any rain but temperatures are coming down, low clouds and increasing clouds and very 50s, very low 60s. good morning, no major problems and the weather continues to look good in sunny veil. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. we have been following breaking news out of the area, tara moriarty just arrived at the scene and it's an apartment fire at the bart station. >> that's right, we are only a block away from the bart station. >> reporter: these are some apartment complexes and you can see firefighters right now are making sure there are no more
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hot spots in the addict -- attic but you can see there was nothing left and joining me right now is the battalion chief to tell me more, this was a raging fire when you guys came, right? >> yes, it was a single story apartment complex fire as well as the other unit. >> reporter: there was a mother and son, they were able to get out? >> yes, they were able to get out prior to us arriving. >> reporter: do you have any idea what caused this fire? >> it could have been malicious but we have nothing to prove that and we have an investigation team to discover the cause of the fire. we have a unit adjacent and they had a mom and dad and two
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kids who were affected. >> reporter: so in all six people had to be forced out? >> yes. that is correct. >> reporter: again, thanks for joining us and this fire is in copperfield and it is right near the south bart station. people are out in the cold right now sitting across the street trying to keep warm and we will find out if red cross will be coming. pg&e is on the scene and there is no word the speculation could be determined, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a former oakland appliance shop was hit again. it happened on international boulevard. back in august that same place cause fire when it was packed
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with appliances and the investigation continues. san jose police department are now clarifying the weekend stabbing of a 14-year-old boy for a weekend celebration. it happened at the celebration downtown and they told the paper police may not investigate the stabbing and it was just one more added to the pile but the police spokesperson now says he meant gang detectives would not be called in on their day off. he adds all cases are investigated despite heavy workloads. they are using special equipment for a missing elderly man who vanished saturday. he was last seen working on his tugboat. he may possibly have fall end overboard. they will be joining the coast
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guard in a new search. they subpoenaed the accounts of two suspected riders. the d.a. wants to see two demonstrators tweet along with photos mentioned and tweets from other twitter uses who follow them. twitter has not said whether they are willing to hand over that information. with the fiscal cliff getting closer and house speaker john boehner's talking about a very short deal and there is time for congress to acts. big tides for california are coming in soon and they are called king tides and they will peek thursday morning. the water will cover beaches entirely. instead of the water lapping up on sand it will be hitting the docks and they believe this is
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what california will look like some day if globe pal warming raises the sea levels. we are talking about the pay bridge, it is all picked up? >> yes if you are trying to hit the road you should not be worried about any road work but of course we are here to find out about troubled spots. let's look at 880 westbound and you can see traffic is moving well out to the mcarthur maze with no major issues getting onto the bay bridge and toll plaza and that traffic is moving along nicely on into san francisco with no major problems. we also have a look at 280 and san jose and 101 and 285 are off to a great start and hopefully it will stay this way but as more people get on the road, you know how it goes, we will have some more troubled
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spots. here is weather, steve? clouds increasing later on and low clouds mainly out to the valley but the coastal fog is also coming back. we will get some clouds and an overnight brief rain. this is a really thin system but it is going to turn much colder. overnight lows will be if i having more rain and cooler weather is definitely in the mix. our system is here and by the time it arrives it will not do much but this is not a rainy pattern and the snow will be more of a powdery type by the time it gets here. 50s for many and 60s with a brief rain and much colder.
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36 in napa, 39 in santa rosa and petaluma and santa rosa is reporting fog so be careful. get used to these readings low clouds, fog, chilly lows or cold lows. mid-50s and very low 60s. >> brief morning rain and we will have colder here and it looks like rain returns on saturday. 5:07 new this morning, burglaries are on the rise in one south bay city. jeanine della vega has more on where it is happening and how police are warning residents, jeanine? >> reporter: this is known as a
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green leaf neighborhood on 101 and this area has been hit hard by thieves... [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] . >> all right, we obviously have a technical problem, jeanine della vega is reporting and we have a technical problem and we will have more coming up. a disturbing problem, a group saw an increase in attacks last year. plus a radio steaks is at the center of that royal hoax that ended in a tragedy. everything looks good between walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the area weather.
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head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . as we told you burglaries are on the rise and let's go back to jeanine della vega and how police are warning people around there. >> reporter: this is off of 101 and east dunn and this area has been hit hard by thieves and police want everybody to know how bad it has gotten. since november 1, there have
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been 23 burglaries reported and 8 of them were reported when nobody was there. 15 cars have been broken into and that's happening at night. burglars are smashing windows to get inside and they are taking electronics, jewelry, wallets, nobody has been caught in any of the burglaries and it is unknown if any are connected but they are being proactive. we just saw one police car go by and they want people to do their part and to lock their doors and windows when they are leaving their homes. don't leave your garage door open and again, if it is in site, burglars have no fear on smashing them and taking your valuables. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have some new
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information about the a stalian -- australian phone call. they could face charges for broadcasting a private conversation without consent. they pretended to be queen a elizabeth and obtained information about the dutches of cambridge. the nurse who took the call apparently took her own life. the station tried to contact the hospital to discuss the prank before it aired. and they are going to meet in an opposition group. they are expected to see the new opposition council as the only legitimate person. that would pave the way for support for more rebels. they have already extended full recognition. and hillary rodham clinton
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was supposed to meet tomorrow in morocco but is suffering with a stomach virus. william burns will go in her place. many are returning to capitol hill after a long weekend. allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, they don't have much time to hash out a deal do they? >> reporter: now in just a couple of hours, democrats will be holding a news conference speaking out about where they stand in the negotiation answer in the meantime there is still no word on what president barack obama and house speaker john boehner has talked about but no news is food news and we have not heard either side bashing the other in the last couple of days and that could be approximate dress. insiders say he will not cave
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on one pig thing. >> that is a compromise and a principal i will not compromise on. >> reporting live from washington d.c. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. there was an overall decrease in hate crimes but antigay related hate crimes were up. according to the fbi, 622 hate crimes were reported in 2011 and 1,500 hate crimes tar getted gays lesbians and that's an increase. nearly half of all crimes were reported and 20% were linked to religious beliefs. yesterday they attached an
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amendment to the sierra lemar that antolin garcia-torres is accused of. he tried to kidnap three brent a safe way parking lot and he will -- three women at a safe way parking lot. giselle esteban finds out about her fate and what the judge said about giselle esteban's demeanor beforehanding down a prison sentence. they are considering a proposal to crack down on metal thefts. it will require them to renew and will help to stop them from buying scrap metal. it unfairly targets them in the industry instead of going after thieves. they plan to talk about the child sexual abuse claim they are facing. all allege the teacher abused
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medical students in the 1990s and the district has agreed to meet with three jane dough's and another student who has accused the teachers. she has accused them and a public meeting is being held at 7:30 intermediate school. on a lighter note, pam cook's favorite star is coming. justin bieber is coming and he performed a sold out show in the oracle arena. the concert will be june 26th and by the way, the tickets go on sale friday. >> we've got to go so we have seen him. there is a lot of screaming going on, sal.
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>> by you? >> well not by me. >> firm screaming. i can man that this time along at highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland and we are waking up well and hopefully there -- there has not been a lot of problems and we will stay -- hopeful. a minor crash on the shoulder is there but it's not blocking lanes. let's go to steve. there is not much of a rain system, it is more of a cold system and it will turn colder and windy around here. leading edge of clouds are being pushed in advance of that
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petaluma is reporting fog and there are some cold readings. 29 degrees in lake county and some 30s popping up in lakebay all the way to san martinez, the north bay maybe a soth to a quarter will cover it. if it was not for the fog, santa rosa would be colder and 45 in san jose and mountain view in mill valley. not bad and it lab cold system to the north. -- it will be a cold system to the north. so cooler today, fog sun and i think you will notice the change but tomorrow bundle up and that's going for 60s and inland areas. chilly lows and a westerly
5:21 am
breeze, later on. san rafael is in there, 50s for many, low 60s to even the santa clara valley and tomorrow morning brief rain, it will be out of here, maybe a few showers lingering out and end criesing cloud and it looks like it arrives saturday. meantime most asian stocks arrived overnight and they are looking at progress hoping to avoid the fiscal cliff. australia taiwan, but china anti-want slipped -- and taiwan slipped a bit. analysts say the fiscal cliffs are taking a positive return. here is the nasdaq, and s&p 500
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all posting moderate gains. to many people's surprise the government will end up with a profit for the bailout of the end insurance -- of the insurance giant. a.i.g. may be able to pay a dividend to its shareholders by next summer, quite a turnaround. they just lot a brainy battle. and we have more on the new invention that will be launched into space today. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. welcome back, this is the new experimental space plane and it's being developed as an unmanned space vehicle. it will take off and be shot into space. an earlier test flight by the plane lasted more than a year. well back on earth, the morgan hill mother accused of having her daughter help her shop list is due in court this afternoon. she is accused of abandoning her ten-year-old daughter at a safe way store back in september. it happened after a little girl
5:26 am
was confronted by store employees about shoplifting groceries. she continues to show a lack of remorse for nursing student michelle le. giselle esteban will spend 25 years to life and the judge said he never had seen more premeditation. she planned her killing for months and waited for her in a hospital parking lot for hours before attacking michelle le back in may 2011. >> we always felt sitting in trial she felt no remorse. just stared directly at our family with a blank stair. >> giselle esteban killed michelle le because she believed michelle le was having a romantic relationship with the father of her child. she waved her right to speak at
5:27 am
sentencing. one website shows they are the second smartest city in america. they say it is a thriving entrepreneur all area which has more than 70 colleges and universities. others on that list, seattle and vancouver. what is happening, sal? what is going on? if the director, dave does not ask to put up a map to show where it is,s it is in -- where it is, it is in daily city and i moved the curser so show what happened. this car went over the side, very close to the olympic club. the car went over the side and san francisco and daily city are participating in the rescue and we are trying to find out
5:28 am
more. it doesn't look like there is a huge traffic jam in the area but apparently there is some sort of a rescue and you can use other roots to -- routes, you can use lake merced to get around this problem. let's move on to steve. >> our weak system is not going to do much but it will increase clouds and westerly winds and some light rain and cold rain comes in tonight and early tomorrow morning. this is not a big rain producer but there is a lot of cold air behind it. time now 5:27 massive protests in michigan and the critics say it would weaken the power of unions. an oakland business goes up in flames for the second time in months. plus a pipe bomb investigation in pleasant hill,
5:29 am
the message parents are hearing from the school superintendent.
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. good morning, it is december 11th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now is 5:30, we definitely feel it getting colder, let's go to
5:32 am
steve. it's cold out there for some, upper 20s and 30s all over the bay and an increase in fog and also on the coast means 50s and 60s or low 60s, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving well as you come to the willow pass grade with no major problems and the morning commute looks good, we have some troubled spots. a complete update ahead, let's go back to dave and pam. flames gutted an apartment building and now some families are homeless. tara moriarty was there moments after the fire started and you just spoke to a woman who was evacuated, what did she say? >> reporter: she said she was sleeping and heard popping sounds and ran downstairs and saw huge flames coming from her office area and so she grabbed her 8-year-old son and got out. the call for the fire came in
5:33 am
this morning and the apartment in copper field was fully engulfed. they were able to knock it out and prevent it from spreading to other hopes. they believe this fire was set intentionally and recently she received threats. >> there is speculation it could be malicious and we have an investigative team coming out to investigate the cause of the fire. >> now another family had to be evacuated and more than a dozen people total. mother and son are staying with friends until they can get back on their feet. crews just got out the hot spots in the attic and they are pull out hoses and luckily nobody was hurt in this fire. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 600 students at pleasant hill elementary had to be evacuated after a pipe bomb was
5:34 am
found on campus. fortunately nobody was hurt and investigators now hope video from security cameras or fingerprints from the bomb will lead to an arrest. a school superintendent sent a message to parents. >> i would like to thank the parents and teachers and staff members for responding appropriately and ensuring the safety of their students. >> police are looking to see if there is a connection to another pipe bomb incident that happened on friday. two people are in the hospital right now after a police chase ended. they tried to pull over a suspected stolen car near bancroft. the driver took off and crashed into another car and a fence about a mile and a half away near bond street and 42nd avenue. you can see the driver was taken to the hospital in
5:35 am
handcuffs. the driver of the other car also suffered minor injuries. they are destroyed by fire again. allie rasmus talks about the details of this morning's fire, allie? >> reporter: well it was the second time a fire happened in the past four months and here on 66th avenue, they responded to it and as you can imagine the building used to be an appliance shop called budget appliances. at 4:30 a.m. police responded to a structure fire at that address. the flames engulfed the inside of the building and it only took firefighters ten minutes to put it out. the cause of this fire is still under investigation and according to the battalion chief there are signs about how it may have started.
5:36 am
>> there were homeless people living in the vacant building. >> reporter: the building had been vacant since august and that's when the first fire started. they believed it to be suspect suspicious in -- suspicious in -- suspicious in nature. the fire captain said sending out arson investigators is standard procedure and they believe the fire may have been caused by homeless people who were trying to keep warm overnight. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. well repairs are expected to be done overnight.
5:37 am
it is on widgets lane and the pipes burst yesterday afternoon. some customers did loose water service. we called the contra costa district to see if water was restored but we have not heard back yet. there is more fire amidst a spending scandal. he has become the second top executive to step down. coming up, we will tell you what we have learned from a newly released audit and what happened as they broke the law. they are looking to permanently ban medical marijuana dispensaries but they are due to expire in april. only a few marijuana activists turned out to celebrate recreational marijuana in colorado. that was by design and colorado's governor did not want what happened in washington state when dozens gathered at the space needle in
5:38 am
seattle smoking marijuana when it became legal there. so the governor of colorado quietly announced the official approval on twitter an e-mail after the fact. lawmakers are set to pass a right to work bill which weakens the power of labor unions. they are expecting the final vote on the right to work law. it will allow them to opt out of paying dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. >> you have people working right a long side of you that will not have to pay union dues if you pay union dues but will still be able to get all the benefits for being a union member. >> should they have the opportunity to say they want to belong or not and there should be more economic development in michigan. >> the bill is expected to
5:39 am
pass. 23 other states already have right to work laws. time is 5:30 and california crab fishermen will be busy but not in their boats. they will be disputing the price and there is a decision on whether to accept a $2.50 offer on fish brokers. some want a $3 price and more than 100 boats are tied up in bodega bay. the strike began last wednesday after fish brokers moved to lower the price of fresh crab. a face lift of the toll plaza has begun. cruises will be renovating other sections near the toll plaza but it is only scheduled during the overnight hours and wrapping up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. >> sal, do you still have that problem in daily city?
5:40 am
>> yes, pam, this problem is on skyline boulevard and john daily boulevard in daily city close to the olympic club and we have multi- agencies and we are trying report a cliff rescue and we have one of our reporters on the way but skyline boulevard southbound ahead of daily city is closed on the way to lake merced. there is a little bit of a backup in some of the lanes and no problems on the bridge itself. if you are driving on the freeway 880 traffic is moving well in both directions. let's go to steve. thank you and it's going to be colder, and that will be the key in petaluma, pack to the coast and it will be okay if we get more of a westerly
5:41 am
president. previous rain and the cold will be the bigger story. it is staying very cool and i think rain comes back on sunday and these will be the okay producers and at least things will start to crank up. not a big producer and you can see it is a thin line and it will give us more of a cold air pattern and you have an area of low pressure. so low clouds, pressure cooler and brief morning rain tomorrow, maybe a 10th or a quarter of an inch. if there is any available moisture left, around the peeks, 34 fairfield, 39 concord, some upper 20s and lower 30s also in to lake county. 30 in livermore, that is my guess. unless the winds kick up, but
5:42 am
it will bring us increasing clouds and it is equaling a cooler pattern and then tomorrow, the system drops down from the gulf of alaska. 50s and 60s and after today we will not see any 60s for a while. a few showers thursday and it will be cold inland hours. then saturday cold air and rain returns. a big announcement just came in about virgin america. the rival company which is taking over and what it means for the airline, we will explain. and less than 1% of users responded and what will that mean for facebook policy. a coach is in jail this morning, we will have more on what he is accused of and why
5:43 am
police believe there may be more victims. traffic is doing well and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. eight homes and 15 cars have been burglarized since may 1st. and fire here forced six people out of their homes. one woman told tara moriarty she thinks somebody started the fire on purpose. investigators are looking for
5:46 am
signs of any arson and we will bring you a live update at 6:00 and 6:30. also students were evacuated after a pipe bomb was found on school campus. luckily nobody was -- luckily nobody was hurt. investigators are hoping fingerprints from a bomb or security cameras will lead to an arrest. a volleyball coach is accused of secretly taping an underage girl. an underage girl reported she was allegedly taped while changing clothes for a photo shoot. the 30-year-old is a part-time photographer. it will take at least ten days to have a preliminary report on the plane that killed
5:47 am
rivera. she and six others were killed when the plane went down. many consider her a role model. >> people are in shock because of her death. she is like a huge loss in our community. >> the singer's california drivers' license what among the wreckage and so far no pod dishave been recovered. they are investigating a driveby shooting. two men were shot and wounded in front of a home on mandarin way. both men are expected to survive. one victim is a stepson of a man who was shot and killed saturday about a block away. so far no arrests have been made. well, there has been another shake up in the port of oakland after questionable spending of public money. maritime director jamessian is stepping down and the report
5:48 am
comes as they release an internal audit on single transactions. more than 60 to $07,000 in -- $70,000 in extravagant gifts expose the port for tax liabilities. >> it is something we take seriously and we are not going to close our eyes to it and make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> he is the second one to step down and benjamin abruptly retired last month. the two racked up more than 5,000 in charges in two strip clubs and that money has since been repaid. parent and think means facebook users have lost their rights on the social networking site. they are expected to announce a poll on changes later today. facebook asked users to go
5:49 am
ahead with changes to the member input policies but warned at least 300 million users would have to keep the current policies going to keep them in place. fewer than 300,000 responded. they are complaining about the lack of playing time. jacobs will not play after posting he was quote, rotting away on the 49ers bench. now on saturday, jacobs tweeted quote, i don't understand why people are angry at me because i want to do what i am paid to do. and off the field, vend none davis has -- vernon davis has opened an art gallery and special events helped some inner sit kids. >> he is -- inner city kids. >> he is a very special and
5:50 am
talented guy. we are looking at scenes from all over the bay area and we will start with the toll plaza because it is getting more crowded as you can plainly see and the only people getting through is fast tracks and 6:15 is when they will turn on the metering lights. it looks good heading to the peninsular and highway 101 does look good. skyline boulevard and john daily boulevard is shut down for a rescue going on there and northbound is still opened. 4:49 let's go to steve. the system up here is not very much but cold air is coming in and it looks like it will settle in for a while all the way to christmas week, we'll see. these are not rain producers and we have some snow in the sierra. patchy fog here this morning so
5:51 am
far mainly out to the valley and north bay but fog is also returning to the coast as the system gets pushed in and it will not return until tonight into very early tomorrow morning and a 10th to a half inch further north, the key is already lows coming into the 30s . santa rosa concord and there is a lot in mendocino and san rafael. our system that is arriving again will split a little bit, but look at the cold air behind it and our forecast model picks up on this and we have a cooler westerly breeze coming in. by 10:00 it is moving into the north bay into tomorrow and that will be the rain which will not last long. we have a hit and miss like taking a paint brush, so it may be sunny at your house and raining at mine and that's the way we will deal with it. the key may be 2 to 6 inches of
5:52 am
snow and the snow level will be coming down to the 45-foot level as we get towards wednesday and thursday. chilly cold lows westerly breeze instead of a northeast 50s on the highs and these will be warm compared to tomorrow and thursday. say goodbye because they will not be popping up for a while. scattered showers and low snow levels, cold clouds increasing and back in on sunday. well, new this morning, sing poor -- singapore announced they will pay 360 million for the british airline and virgin atlantic is the largest and that gives delta what they have wanted for a long time. if the deal receives regular la torii -- regulatory with
5:53 am
heathrow and american airlines. and customer satisfaction. the customer saw six points while wells fargo gave it is second highest ranking. the bank had been number 1 for 11 years. and bank of america had its lowest in years. and new plans to change the look of fisherman's wharf in that area, plus a shore tragedy. what is happening to hundreds of squid and why. ♪
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. good morning, fog is returning to the coast. we have thick fog in the north bay. we will have it end up in the north bay and we have mainly upper 50s. hundreds of large humboldt squid are washing up and they are all around the beaches. marine biologists say it is weird because squid usually live in warm waters. reports of climate change may have an over abundance of food and experts advice, don't touch them and don't eat the dead
5:57 am
squid. they will finally get a ruling on the bounty for the new orleans saints to be upheld or thrown out. they say they will make a decision by this afternoon. today's decision will affect whether two current saints, linebackers and the defensive end will smith will get to play out for the season. tight end vernon davis is more than just an artist and he is using his talent to help youths. they opened with a private reception and we got a sneak peak and saw some of his acrylic work. they have never known a football player with an art gallery before. >> this is definitely a first. we are just here to support
5:58 am
him. of course it was a no-brainer, i had to be here. >> it focuses on art education for at risk utah and also pro -- at risk youth and also provides scholarships for inner city kids. it will reduce parking spots and add some greenery to the two block section of hide street to jones street. construction begins on january 2nd and should be finished in time for the america's cup in july. we want to go over to sal because there is a road closed to san francisco. >> that's right, daily city is closed because of this rescue here and it looks like police are on the scene. news chopper 2 shows pictures of a car going over the side and we will tell you more about this coming up in the morning news and you can tell
5:59 am
southbound skyline boulevard on daily city is shut down and we will have news crews there moving along as well. now let's go back to the desk. a teenage boy was stabbed over the weekend in the south bay. why this crime hasaan hose police -- has san jose police doing some damage control. >> also, you may want to know why you should keep an eye on the water the next few days.
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